05 November 2008

QQ for Mac 1.0 Preview 3 Build 362 提供下载!

QQ for Mac OS X 1.0 Preview 3, Build 362 is out, but not available from the official page, just from the QQ for Mac blog! SO if you want to download it, go to the QQ for Mac blog at http://qqmac.qzone.qq.com/ or download it directly at http://dl_dir.qq.com/qqfile/qq/QQ2009preview3/QQ_P3_362.dmg. The features are very much increased over preview 1, the build available from the official site at http://im.qq.com/qq/mac/.

And just in case you missed it QQ for Linux 1.0 Preview 2 is now available at http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/ as a Tarball, a RPM (SuSe, Fedora), DEB (Ubuntu), and even an installer for Lemote Loonux.

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