28 June 2004

Диакон Николай

I was ordained to the Holy Diaconate on the Feast of Saint Methodius, Patriarch of Constantinople, so my blogging life at this site ends here and now (Although my photo-journal of Vladyka Metropolitan Valentine's Pastoral visits to America at http://livejournal.com/users/nstanosheck/ will continue)! You can still find me at The Saint Euphrosynos Cafe or my personal Diggs blog at http://nstanosheck.wordpress.com if you want.

24 May 2004

End of the line yet again?

Well I , Nicholas will be ending on the feast day of Saint Euphrosyne of Suzdal as I will not be renewing my .mac account, although I wish I could!

So instead the only thing like a blog that I will have is my Live Journal that is currently unnamed. Of course there will still be the Euphrosynos Café and I will be working on the Saint Basil of Kineshma Russian Orthodox Church site as well.

So post-Feast of Saint Euphrosyne of Suzdal, please go visit those sites instead!

24 February 2004

Seven months ago I started this

Three months ago I quit this blog due to people taking small pieces, adding their own fantasies to it in order to make it juicy gossip, and distorting the truth so that their tales would make them popular with the Slavic Grapevine of vile, sinful gossip.

At that time, I secretly started a private blog called I, Nicholas that continued my web log adventures about Orthodoxy and life, keeping it all just outside of the prying eyes of sinful gossipers.

But now, after blogging there for 3 months, I am ready for it to become public, so I link it from my old blog now, in case anyone still comes here.

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