20 May 2010

My problem with the Arizona Immigration Law

My problem is not with it limiting illegal immigration. I think that is great. What is not great is what it does to LEGAL Immigrants and LEGAL visitors to America. Currently, my wife does not have to carry her Passport & Visa with her everywhere, as she is technically a non-immigrant spouse. Once she has a green card and is an immigrant spouse, she will. So if we visit Arizona, she has to take her passport. I can live with that. But do these Arizona police, who are racially and accent profiling even know what the visa stamps and hand written information mean? I will guess that many do not.

But here is where it gets hard. When my wife applies for immigrant status and a green card, known as "Adjustment of Status" or AOS, she has to send her passport and visa in to the government where they may have it for many months. So if we live in Arizona, does that mean she has to be like a prisoner on house arrest? Yes. And that is where this very flawed law hurts legal immigrants, who we should be applauding and helping while stopping illegal immigration.

Obviously this law was written by politicians who know nothing about immigration law, which is why it is best to have such laws written by a federal immigration committee that does.

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