20 November 2016

The Eastern Orthodox Saint George Scouting Award

For a Scout to earn the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting's Religious Award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders, the following are the requirements:
  1. Be a registered Cub Scout of the Tiger Rank, Wolf Rank, or Bear Rank in the Boy Scouts of America, Daisies or Brownies in the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., Woodlands in Trail Life USA, or a member of either Camp Fire or American Heritage Girls in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade.
  2. Be a communicant member of an Eastern Orthodox Church recognized by The Assembly of Orthodox Bishops (previously SCOBA).
  3. Know your Baptismal name.
  4. Tell the significance of your Baptismal name.
  5. Know which day you celebrate your Baptismal name.
  6. Know your Godparent(s) name(s).
  7. Attend the Divine Liturgy with your Godparents.
  8. Explain what Baptism is.
  9. Explain what Chrismation is.
  10. Demonstrate the sign of the Cross and tell the meaning of it.
  11. Explain what the Holy Trinity is.
  12. Memorize and recite the Lord's Prayer.
  13. Name 5 major Church holy days and explain them.
  14. Tell a Bible Story
  15. Tell a story about Christ.
  16. Draw or list 10 items in your Church and tell what they represent.
  17. Do a community project for your parish.
  18. Know the name of your parish priest.
  19. Know the name of your diocesan bishop.
  20. Know the name of your jurisdiction's archbishop or metropolitan.
  21. Know your Church's patriarch.
  22. Chant two Church hymns.
  23. Color or make an icon of Saint George.
  24. Meet with your priest and explain what you learned in the Saint George Program.
  25. Have your parents, priest, and Scouting unit leader sign off that you have completed the activities of the Saint George Program and are worthy of the medal.

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