21 November 2016

The Eastern Orthodox Chi-Rho Scouting Award

For a Scout to earn the Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting's Religious Award for 4th and 5th graders, the following are the requirements:
  1. Be a registered Cub Scout of the Webelos or Arrow of Light Rank in the Boy Scouts of America, Juniors in the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., 4th or 5th grader Woodlands in Trail Life USA, or a member of either Camp Fire or American Heritage Girls in the 4th or 5th grade.
  2. Be a communicant member of an Eastern Orthodox Church recognized by The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops (previously SCOBA) who attends a Church School or Sunday School.
  3. Know your Baptismal name.
  4. Know your birth date.
  5. Know which day you celebrate your Baptismal name.
  6. Know your Godparent(s) name(s).
  7. Know what priest Baptized you.
  8. Share special memories that your parents have of your Baptismal day.
  9. Share pictures of your Baptism.
  10. Know your "Name Day" and the Saint you were named after.
  11. Tell the story of the life and death of your patron saint.
  12. Draw an icon of your patron saint.
  13. Tell how many people are in your family.
  14. Share a picture of your family and write their names.
  15. Tell what religious items you have in your home.
  16. Explain how and when you use religious items in your home.
  17. Write the prayer you say before meals.
  18. Write the prayer you say when you get up in the morning.
  19. List several ways God shows His love for you.
  20. List several ways you show your love for God.
  21. List some ways you and your family show your love for each other. Do a project with your whole family. Write about what you did.
  22. Share pictures of you doing your project.
  23. Visit someone who is sick, shut-in, poor, elderly, or lonely. Make him or her a gift, or help that person with a task. Write a couple of paragraphs about what you did.
  24. Share pictures of you doing your activity.
  25. Name the church that you and your family attend.
  26. Explain what you do when you enter the church temple and some of the things that make your church an Orthodox Church.
  27. Share pictures of the inside and outside of your church.
  28. Choose a subject in your church to study and write about it.
  29. List ways you participate in God's world through your senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, sound) at home and in church.
  30. List some foods you eat especially during the Nativity Lent and the Great Lent. 
  31. Explain how you prepare for a major Church holy day, fasting, going to church, preparing a meal, or helping in other ways.
  32. Name the four Gospels and tell who wrote them. 
  33. Draw a picture of the Gospel Book that the priest uses in your church. 
  34. Explain where the Gospel Book is kept. 
  35. List four of the major feast days celebrated in your church.
  36. Learn a hymn and chant it for your priest.
  37. Choose your favorite Bible story and write it in your own words. Tell the story and its meaning to your priest.
  38. Decide how you can be a steward in helping your church.
  39. Share pictures of your activity.
  40. Meet with your priest and explain what you learned in the Chi-Rho Program.
  41. Have your parents, priest, and Scouting unit leader sign off that you have completed the activities of the Chi-Rho program and are worthy of the medal.

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