20 August 2008

Evil Twins

Usually twins will not only look the same, but also have the same interests, aspirations, and desires in life. Sometimes this is not so. Though there may be moral disparity between actual biological twins, the term is more often a misnomer. In many cases, the two look-alikes are not actually twins. In others, the so-called "evil" twin is more precisely a dual opposite to their "good" counterpart, possessing at least some commonality with the value system of the protagonist.

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17 August 2008


So I am still in China (which is a story within itself for a later blog entry) but I wanted to let everyone know that my time in HuNan Province from 1-12 August was great! I will detail the wedding at http://feisnik.blogspot.com and I am uploading pictures as I get them on my Facebook page at http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=505257160. I finally met Fei's twin sister, YanHong; and it was good to see the two MeiMeis who I like and get along with really well, YanZi and YanFan. YanZi's husband and I of course drank many beers over those 2 weeks and it is always good to see DiDi. As I said before, I will blog about the wedding on the marriage blog and then return here to blog more about being stuck in BeiJing, which is also being covered somewhat at the new Facebook.

Learn Mandarin, Cantonese, or any other dialect of Chinese for FREE!

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