05 March 2009

Furniture Row Beds and Linens

You know what I think would look pretty fantastic? The CHICAGO Bed from BEDROOM EXPRESSIONS with Sky Blue Bamboo Sheets from DENVER MATTRESS and the RIO GRANDE Bedding Bag Set from BEDROOM EXPRESSIONS. Of course you would want to combine that with a HIBERNATION Soft-Side mattress set or the new MUZIC BED from DENVER MATTRESS, but what a fabulous combination that would be!

03 March 2009

HOW-TO: QQ Codes

I use QQ through Adium on Mac OS X currently and it tells me all the animated gif codes. Just in case you do not know the codes, here are a few:

/zj is a waving goodbye
/bb is a steaming pile of crap
/tx is laughing with the hand in front of the teeth
/dk is crying
/qiang is thumbs up
/ruo is thumbs down
/xs is a breaking heart
/xin is a beating heart
/wen is kissing lips
/aiq is 2 penguins in love
/yb is a hug
/bei is a stiff drink
/xy is rainclouds
/ty is a shining sun
/lh is embarrassment
/mg is a red rose
/lw is a wrapped gift box
/dg is a birthday cake
/fw is a penguin in love

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02 March 2009

KyLinTV has a great deal going on right now!

Promotion Details:
  1. The promo code is valid from March 1, 2009 to May 31, 2009.
  2. Get $30 instant discount and a free KyLin TV box when you order KyLinTV service and apply these codes.
  3. This Million Dollar Rewards in Action promo code RCC227718 is for one-time use for new customers only.
  4. Use the following FAF code: NS8B1C and get 1 free month of service.
  5. This code can be redeemed ONLY when order the service online at http://www.kylintv.com/order/logindetails.asp?
Here are just some of the many channels that you can get:
Channel: CCTV-4 (CCTV - International Channel Chinese)
CCTV-4 specializes in new reports, presenting domestic and international news in a timely and objective manner. It also delivers entertainment, educational, and consulting services.

Channel: CCTV-9 (CCTV-International Channel English)
CCTV-9 reports news and information to its global audience, while delivering other programs including culture, entertainment and documentaries.

Channel: CCTV-Entertainment (CCTV-Entertainment Channel)
CCTV Entertainment Channel has a fantastic range of entertainment programs including TV dramas, music, Chinese opera, Chinese acrobatic, galas and much more.

Channel: CCTV-Opera (CCTV-Traditional Opera Channel)
CCTV Traditional Operas Channel is mainly designed for North American viewers. It focuses on sharing the arts of Chinese traditional opera, developing Chinese culture, and to meet the demands of traditional opera lovers overseas.

Channel: CCTV-E (CCTV-International Channel-Spanish)
CCTV-E emphasizes on news and information. The programs also offer a wide variety of other genres including educational programs, interviews, as well as artistic and recreational shows.

Channel: CCTV-F (CCTV-International Channel-French)
CCTV-F delivers news and other programs including culture, life, and entertainment shows, providing a comprehensive coverage on the latest news and events from China.

Channel: HTV (Hunan TV)
As the top entertainment channel from mainland China, Hunan TV has dynamic TV programs appealing to the Chinese audience.

Channel: BTV (Beijing TV)
Beijing TV focuses primarily on culture and history, as well as fashion, lifestyle and travel. BTV covers information, culture, life, sports, children, technology and entertainment.

Channel: Dragon TV
Dragon TV's programming reflects China's modern urban lifestyle and covers many TV series, entertainment shows, sports and foreign language programs.

Channel: TVS (Guangdong Southern TV)
TVS features attractive programs such as current affairs, cultural exploration and entertainment shows for Cantonese communities in North America who wish to keep in touch with life back in China.

Channel: CMC (China Movie Channel)
China Movie Channel focuses on broadcasting outstanding Chinese films. Its rich movie resources offer an overall impression of China's filming industry.

Channel: Jiangsu Int'l (Jiangsu International Channel)
Jiangsu International Channel aims at offering insightful news of what is happening in Jiangsu with programs including culture, information, entertainment, economy and more.

Channel: Fujian Straits TV
Fujian Straits TV's programs range from Chinese ancient history to splendid culture to beautiful scenery to news and current affairs.

Channel: ZTV Int'l (Zhejiang International TV)
ZTV programs include news, current affairs, economics, and service information. ZTV International is aiming to create programming that reflects Zhejiang's economic and pursue the distinction among its peers.

Channel: Xiamen Star TV
Xiamen TV provides a wide range of programs mainly in Minnan dialect that covers entertainment, culture, arts, and news programs.

Channel: CYRTV (China Yellow River TV Station)
CYRTV targets overseas Chinese in the US and foreigners who are interested about China. Their goal is to promote China, share the culture and build a bridge for cultural exchanges.

Channel: Cathay TV
Programs on Cathay TV are mostly from Mainland China that focus on bringing the latest information from China into North America and Canada. Cathay TV will continue to strengthen the bridge between East and West.

Channel: Trading Day
Trading Day offers programs that keep viewers informed on the latest financial news and stock market changes. Experts will discuss topics on stocks, securities, bonds, financial markets and other investment opportunities.

Channel: Zhonghe TV
Zhonghe TV is a cultural info-news channel that focuses on five types of multi-media markets including movies, TV series, music, traditional opera and entertainment.

Channel: Kunlun Drama Channel
The TV dramas broadcasted on the Kunlun Drama Channel mainly feature genres such as history, war, action and crime. In addition to its routine hit features, the latest limited-viewing TV dramas released on KyLinTV's VOD service are also included as well.

Channel: Yangtse Drama Channel
The TV dramas broadcasted on this channel mainly feature programs revolving around enchanting love stories or family stories. In addition to its routine features, the latest limited-viewing TV dramas released on KyLinTV's VOD service are also included as well.

Channel: Oriental Education Channel
The Oriental Education Channel offers the best educational programs for the overseas Chinese of different age groups who are interested in learning about the Chinese culture. Aiming to promote the cultural exchange between China and America, KyLinTV hopes to provide our subscribers with the best Chinese language educational programs produced in China.

Channel: Phoenix InfoNews
Phoenix InfoNews Channel provides a blend of information and general/financial news to Chinese viewers from a perspective which is global in both content and values.

Channel: Phoenix North America
Phoenix North America Chinese features high quality programming that caters to Chinese communities in North America yearning to stay in touch with what's happening back home.

Channel: ATV (Asia TV)
ATV provides a full range of television entertainment to Chinese communities throughout the United States. This channel broadcasts the best of entertainment and the most up-to-date current events from Hong Kong.

Channel: Sun TV
Sun TV showcases Chinese culture and heritage, offering programs on a variety of topics including history, antiquity and the arts, painting, literature, fashion and the lives of extraordinary Chinese personalities.

STAR CHINESE CHANNEL is consistently one of the most popular channels in Taiwan. It presents a wide range of Mandarin-language general entertainment programs including talk shows, game shows, contemporary and costume dramas, lifestyle and variety shows.

Channel: Sky Link TV
Sky Link TV offers programs that serve the Chinese speaking population in North America, carrying the most popular TV dramas, entertainment shows, financial talk shows, movies, and many other dynamic programs.

Channel: Dai-Ai TV
Da Ai TV presents the goodness and beauty of humanity to its audience. Various programs are provided including news and cultural series around the clock.

Channel: BLTV
BLTV provides in-depth news coverage, English news and overseas BL news, aiming to bring care and warmth to human beings, recording the true face of this age.

Channel: Dimo TV (PTS Dimo Digital Channel)
PTS Dimo Digital Channel targets both Taiwan and overseas markets. PTS Dimo TV broadcasts programs such as dramas, international news, foreign documentary, and several other programs.

Channel: Good TV
GOOD TV strives to serve all types of family oriented programs to its broad audiences. This channel focuses on delivering educational oriented programs from many Asian countries to its North American audience.

Channel: IAVC
IAVC carries programs from Taiwan's three major TV Networks, TTV, CTV and CTS. IAVC has been taking the lead as the No. 1 Chinese content provider in North America.

Channel: Sino TV
SINO TV offers a wide range of Chinese programming including drama series, movies, variety shows, cooking programs, children programs, and locally produced news and public affair related and informative programs.

Channel: Sino Vision
SinoVision is a Chinese language television program provider serving the Chinese community with locally produced news, and a variety of entertainment programs in Mandarin.

Channel: LA-18
LA-18 is the leading Asian language TV station in the United States. This channel provides a unique assortment of news, sports, drama, and entertainment programs.

Channel: Variety
Variety is a self-created channel of KyLinTV. With content mainly based on entertainment and the arts, it provides them with a relaxing environment. At the same time, the channel also offers educational programs and important information.

By incorporating music and variety-show set-ups, Channel [V] has captured the adolescent audience with its innovative programming mix. Other than screening the latest chart-topping music videos...

STAR CHINESE MOVIES 2 is a channel you won’t want to miss. Showing the world’s largest contemporary Chinese film library, STAR CHINESE MOVIE 2 showcases the best movies from the golden age of Hong Kong productions from the 1970s to the 1990s. This channel feasts a line-up of box office blockbusters featuring top rated movies stars and directors. Watch you favorite idols such as Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, Stephen Chow and more!

MASTV is committed to delivering viewers' quality programming on news and information, finance, home and world events, entertainment, cultural, sports and more.

Hwazan TV is a Buddhist platform of a new century. The establishment of Hwazan TV is to accomplish Ven. Master Chin-Kung's ideal and detached thoughts and it uses technology such as satellite and internet to preach Buddha dharma. The mission of Hwazan TV is to spread peace throughout the world.

UCTV is a Chinese language Buddhist channel from Taiwan aimed at spreading the teachings of Buddha to the rest of the world. UCTV programming seeks to inspire today's society with Buddhist teachings, increase quality of life and create a unified peaceful society.

Founded by the Communication Center of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, New Eyes Television(NETV) is dedicated to spread the words of Christianity and to serve the public interest to expresses strong care for the common people.

Learn Mandarin, Cantonese, or any other dialect of Chinese for FREE!

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