About Orthodox Ecclesiology & The World

Welcome to my blog. I started it on July 21, 2003. As for myself, I am a married man with 3 children. My first child is part American Indian and my second and third child are both half Han Chinese. Learning, teaching, reading, and writing are among my many passions. Besides salvation for my my family and myself, my biggest goal is making the world a better place when I leave it than when I entered it. My latest degree is in Theology and I am a retired deacon of an "Old Calendarist/Traditionalist" Orthodox Christian Church. I am currently happily a member of so-called "World Orthodoxy" where I am currently a catechist, counselor, and teacher. While my ancestors were mostly Slavic (Russian, Polish, Czech, etc.) I was first catechized in a Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Church less than 30 years ago.

Originally the blog was called "Insane Ramblings and Orthodox Ecclesiology". At the time it was a fitting name, as I had more insane ramblings than Orthodox Christian Ecclesiology. I have had multiple blogs over the years, so the blog you see now also includes some of the content from those blogs, including iNicholasYellow Dog iBookUbuntu PowerMacThis Too Was Dugg By..., and my old LiveJournal. These days, I mostly blog about Orthodox Ecclesiology and as such, the blog has been renamed, "Orthodox Ecclesiology and The World" since I still occasionally blog about worldly things like my family, Scouting, dieting, health, politics, work, music, soccer (Association Football) and American football (especially the NFL's Green Bay Packers), etc.. The name may change again in the future, as my content is always evolving, but Orthodox Ecclesiology will always be a big part of this blog.

The URL to this blog has changed multiple times over the years. I also change the design often. Currently there is a gold leaf background that I have used for many years. Prior to that it has light blue vestments designs that is retained on the retired but still extant Saint Basil of Kineshma Russian Orthodox Church website. I am currently in need of a designer to make a new banner for the blog header, as I no longer own a registered copy of Adobe Photoshop.

I love comments and hope that you will comment on stories that you enjoy or hate. Welcome to my little part of the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy your stay!
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