23 November 2003

So long and thanks for all the fish!

It is time for some changes in my life. I will be making my final (for the foreseeable future) trip to Virginia this weekend and also I am ending this blog. So Salaam, Adiós, Ciao, Adieu, Salut, Auf Wiedersehen, Xaire, Aloha, Arrivederci, Sayonara, Alavidha, Proshyai, Zbogom. I am out of here!

*Turns off the lights and locks the doors for one last time*

22 November 2003

Whew! That was tiring!

I just got all of my shopping done for my family, present wise, for the upcoming Nativity season. I like to get it all done before the Nativity Fast, which thankfully for us Orthodox on the Old Calendar in America, starts on Friday, the day after American Thanksgiving! Yay!

21 November 2003

Interesting Days!

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

Archbishop Kirill, head of the Moscow Patriarchate's Foreign Relations Department, announced on 19 November that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad have reached an agreement in principle on the need to unite the two churches, ORT reported. He said that the two churches, which split in 1917, will issue a canonic decision during their respective Metropolitan councils next year. Archbishop Kirill said there are virtually no areas of disagreement remaining between the two churches, "although there remain psychological divisions generated by the Russian Civil War."

But the official ROCOR and MP statements are a little bit different than this. You can read both of them here.

17 November 2003


A stomach flu bug seems to have infested our house. Hence, the lack of updates. In your compassion, please pray.

15 November 2003

Fallen World Update :-(

FCC Approves "F" Word on TV and Radio

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the use of the "F" word for use on any TV show or radio program, ANYTIME DAY OR NIGHT!

The FCC said the word can be used whenever desired except in sexual situations!

That means that real soon you will be watching a sit-com on TV, or news, or any drama or movie-ANY PROGRAM-and it is ok! Hollywood is rejoicing!

Soon, when you are driving your kids to school you will be listening to a song which makes extensive use of the word. Shock jocks such as Howard Stern are now free to use any language, no matter how vile and repugnant, on their radio shows. And use it they will.

No longer will movies shown on TV have to be edited because of language.

Speaking of Interesting Posts ...

According to a post by Lounger at the Euphrosynos Café, Bishop Gabriel has told people that they can only commune at TOC churches and not at JP parishes, except at the Holy Sepulcher. Very interesting!

Step One: Pour Gasoline ...

I posted a link on a few lists toward a post on my board titled, Address to ROCA, by Bishop Gregory in order to promote discussion there. (And as Lounger says, maybe they will buy some of the Nativity ornaments we have for sale in the Cafe store! LOL!) Somehow I think this may be like pouring gas on the floor and sending in a bunch of people with matches in to see how quick it turns in to a flame war. LOL! Ought to be interesting!

14 November 2003

Top Ten Science Scams

So-called scientific "truths" are sometimes nothing more than science fiction. Read the list at The Guardian about scientists who fooled the world with their lies.

13 November 2003

Round Foreheads

I remember that during the summer after I graduated from high school, my favorite movie was Pump Up the Volume. Of course part of that reason was the beautiful costarring actress, Samantha Mathis. I remember someone once asked me why I found her attractive and it seems to be a reason that hold until this day. She was not only pale (I have always preferred alabaster skin to any sort of tan) but also had a round forehead, which I find appealing. The only think she did not have going for her was platinum blonde hair. (I guess I just do not like pigment in girls, LOL!)

I never cared for flat foreheads and always liked them round. Looking back it was probably from my high school years of dating punk/new wave girls that had various shaved hairstyles and one would see how the forehead matched with the flow of the entire head.

Although it is hard to tell from the pictures below, this gives you an idea of what Samantha Mathis' somewhat round forehead looks like:

Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow!

I do not know how many leaf storms I drove through today. There were trees signs down all over the place today. Sustaining winds of 30-40 mph with gusts of 60 mph! What a day to be traveling all over this windblown state!

12 November 2003

Sorry ...

No additional entries today. Too busy! :-(

Wow! Look at that economy grow!

Unemployment down, sales up in almost every sector, every report in the last 3 weeks shows the economy growing more than expected. Can the liberals and other Bush-haters continue to spin that the economy is in trouble? Looks like we are well on our way out of the Clinton economical mess. Yay!

11 November 2003

Veterans Day

We salute you veterans. Thank you for serving and protecting our country and our freedoms. We all owe you.

10 November 2003

Miracle or Medical Mistake?

Child pronounced dead, later revived

Forty minutes after a toddler found face down in a swimming pool was declared dead at a hospital, a police investigator examining the body noticed the little girl was breathing. Doctors who rushed to the room Friday were able to revive 20-month-old Mackayala Jespersen, and Saturday morning, the little girl was in critical condition but alive, Sgt. Sean Fares said.


“They used me as a way to symbolize all this stuff,” Jessica Lynch said in an interview. “It hurt in a way,” she said.

       She also said there was no reason for her rescue from an Iraqi hospital to be filmed. “It’s wrong,” she said.

Of course she says this all while appearing on various interview shows, shilling her new book and made-for-TV movie. If it was wrong for the military to do this, and I do not agree with Lynch here, then it is even more wrong for her to capitalize on the military's so-called exploitation of her!

08 November 2003

Lunar Eclipse!

Anastasia saw her first full lunar eclipse tonight. As she said, "Oooh that's pretty!" Glorious are Thy wonders oh Master, Christ our True God!

Another sign of growing up

My daughter has graduated to ordering Extra Value Meals, and being able to eat it all, rather than the bigger Kids/Happy Meals: Mighty/Big Kids Meals. Another benchmark in life. :-D

07 November 2003

Whew! Part Deux!

I finished one major project at work today and have 1 massively major one to go as well as a smaller project left. Then for my side work I have 2 decent sized updates I need to get done this weekend. I am tuckered out!

06 November 2003

Whew! That was tiring!

I just updated my résumè and daily search agents CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com and HotJobs.com. Whew! What a lot of work. I also applied to a few different places. As always, prayers are appreciated! :-D

05 November 2003

Oh Goody!

In my latest job search from CareerBuilder.com I found a job opening as an Innkeeper at a Hotel that I like a lot! I wrote the owner about it tonight and hope to get the details soon. Hopefully it is something that could work out for me! Please, if you would, say a little prayer or two for me to Saint Xenia on Saint Petersburg for this intention.

Hump Day Already?

With Anastasia just getting back to school today and my working from home, today feels more like a Monday than a Wednesday!

04 November 2003

Good News and Bad News

Good News: I voted and got my car back!

Bad News: When I got it the headlights did not work!

Good News: The shop fixed that while I waited!

Bad News: I noticed later that now my brights do not work! LOL!

Good News: Yesterday's therapy and chiropractic helped me out.

Bad News: My back has not improved as much as we hoped and I am back to visiting twice a week again. :-(

Good News: People like my redesign of The Euphrosynos Café! Yay!

I am off ..

... to go return the rental, pick up my car and go vote. All with the sniffle bug en-tow. But at least she is no longer as nauseous or battling a pounding headache. Thank you for the prayers. Tomorrow she returns to school. No more sleeping all day for her!

03 November 2003

Election Day!

In the United States of America, tomorrow is Election Day, so all you Orthodox Christians, go out and vote please!

My Car

It is done. I pick it up in the morning! Yay!

The 24 hour tree

This morning the tree in my yard had turned bright yellow. This evening when I returned from physical therapy and chiropractic sessions, almost all the leaves had fallen! And today it got in to the 70's!

02 November 2003

Good News!

I took apart my heating pad, which was previously broken and now it is working again! Oh glorious heat, how my aching muscles have missed you so! :-D

Update on Anastasia

Well she is in bed again, after sleeping until almost noon. Looks like I may be working from home tomorrow unless she get much better. Thank you for your prayers!

When you are still up and it is almost 4 ...

... do you just forget about going to sleep or try to get a few winks in before your daughter wakes up sick again? I am still hoping somehow she gets better when she wakes up so we can make it to Divine Liturgy. As slim of a chance as that seems right now.

Prayer Request

My daughter just got up again as she has a cold that is making it very had to breathe along with an upset stomach and a sore throat. If you would, at Divine Liturgy and at home, please pray that Anastasia gets better soon.

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