13 May 2011


WARNING: This post will include pictures of flesh from the back of various people. If you do not want to see such images, I suggest you not continue reading this post. It is not pornography, but some people may be offended at such immodesty.

As many people know, I have a number of tattoos. On my right hand is a mostly faded moon, ankh, and star. On my left shoulder blade is an Anarchy Pooh Bear. On my left calf is a Superman symbol with smoke flowing in and out of it. Over my heart is my wife's name in Chinese.

Tattoos are addicting. Once you get one, you want to continue getting them. My shoulder blade tattoo bleed a lot. I fell asleep when getting the tattoo on my leg. The chest tattoo hurt a lot.

Last month, my 18-year old daughter got her first tattoo on her left shoulder blade. A teapot and cup.

My wife has talked of getting a tattoo too, even though I have always been against it. (I have tattoos, but generally I do not like most tattoos on women)

I told her the only time I have ever liked tattoos on women have been huge back pieces of things such as dragons or phoenixes. Here are a couple of examples.

FINAL WARNING: Again, I warn you, these will be pictures of naked backs and buttocks of women to show their full tattoos. The shape of part of a breast may also be visible. Click on the small images below for a larger version.

CNBLUE Vol. 1 - First Step (Limited Edition)

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