23 November 2009

Déjà Vu: My wife saved my daughter's and my life this weekend!

I have always had deja vu. I will be experiencing some mundane moment and will know exactly what will happen next, because I have dreamed it before. My daughter has inherited the same ability. Likewise, my wife has had this. First time was in Pueblo, Colorado when she saw a giant drainage ditch for the Arkansas River runoff. She had dreamed of this as a child. The second time she has experienced this in America, was this weekend when I was taking Raven to Wal-Mart. There was a whole 3-way conversation that happened exactly as she had dreamt of it long ago. Except in her dream Raven and I left and never made it back, so she insisted on going with us to ensure it did not end as in her dream. Well she went with us, and we made it back, so possibly she saved our lives!

10 November 2009

HOW-TO: Localized (or Localised) Google Updater

Of course I have the Google Pack, which uses Google Updater. I have installed everything save for Google Earth and gTalk, as I only use Google Maps and Pidgin for those protocols. Well for fun I changed the language on the Google Pack page from English to Chinese and found that I could get some other new software including WPS Office, 谷歌拼音输入法, 谷歌金山词霸合作版, and 傲游浏览器 2. I highly recommend trying this out, especially if you want some great freeware in another language!

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