14 August 2009

Busy Days!

Yesterday I deleted http://orthodox.blogspot.com - the original address of this blog (Orthodox Ecclesiology... and Insane Ramblings) that I had received from Justin Kissel after he abandoned the domain. It became my blog on Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux on Apple eMacs, iBooks, PowerBook G4s, etc. But now my Macs are all dead (save for an old G1 PowerBook that runs Mac OS 9 & YDL 3) and I exclusively use a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 netbook. So now it is time for someone else to claim this domain for their own.

My wife comes to America in just 9 more days. So today I am doing a thorough cleaning of my house. Today is also laundry day, so busy, busy, busy!
Speaking of my wife, today I video chatted with her and her elder and twin sister on QQ. Then I cleaned the kitchen wall watching Star Trek: Generations. I m taking a break right now, I will post this then move on to my room and the bathroom. FUN!

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