23 February 2008

Cheap or Free International Calls From Your Mobile Phone!

No computers, downloads, or phone cards necessary. Just dial and talk internationally and pay local rates! How does it work? You give us the phone number of a friend in another country, and we give you a local number for them. Save this number on your mobile so you can call your friend whenever you want at the local rate. And the best thing is this: Between 7 Feb and 6 March 2008 Rebtel is giving away 1 million minutes to all Rebtel members!

21 February 2008

The Spring Festival Ends Tonight…

… so happy Lantern Festival! According to this blog post, the origin of the festival signifying the last day of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Celebration) way have its origin in Chinese Folk Religion, Taoism/Daoism, or Buddhism, even though like Christmas in the West, it has become a fairly secular holiday now.

17 February 2008

Flight Paths

I thought this was a great idea. FlyerStats.com is now online. It lets you enter a flight path, like KDEN-KORD-ZBAA-ZGCS (Denver International to Chicago O’Hare International to BeiJing Capitol to ChangSha Datuopo and back), and see the approximate path you’ll fly. It also calculates total and per-flight mileage and cost per mile too. But then it allows you to use Great Circle Mapper to see your flight, in addition to Google Maps, which is less impressive in this situation. Looking at the world this way makes you realize why so many international flights do not fly directly over the oceans, which would look more direct in standard maps that we are used to seeing like Google Maps.

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15 February 2008

HaoJie and WuYa in China

I have the tickets, so it is guaranteed to happen! This time we will fly from DIA to O'HARE then O'HARE to PEKING and finally on to HUANGHUA but unfortunately O'HARE to PEKING and back is on UNITED rather than on AIR CHINA, but at least PEKING to HUANGHUA and back are on AIR CHINA, my favorite airline. But luckily I do have frequent flyer programs with both UNITED MILEAGE PLUS and AIR CHINA COMPANION. Unfortunately, I am not traveling First Class this flight. Those seats sure do look comfy and very sleepable!

The Waking, The Dreaming, God, and Me




(And not the stigmata pictured in the comic to the left! LOL!)

Except this time, the return to the dreaming corresponded with a return in the Awaking (Or is it the Waking [World]?). While the one that left the Dreaming has left the Awaking for me again.

Why has God given me this gift, if indeed it is even a gift from Him?

14 February 2008

Special Offer in the U.S. — Try China Daily for 4 weeks free!

For more than 25 years, China Daily has served as the world's window to China, and for over two decades, China Daily Distribution Corporation (CDDC) has brought that portal to North America. Now for a limited time, the English Language version of the daily newspaper is available for free for 28 days in America!

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10 February 2008

Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 for PS3 and PPC systems ready

Version 6.0 of Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) represents a change of direction for Terra Soft Solutions. Fedora has been largely replaced by CentOS as the basis for the distribution. This should make it easier for the distributor to maintain the distribution for Power Architecture, as the CentOS development team maintain their distribution significantly longer than Fedora, which is more focused on new software.

Ultimately this about-turn changes little for YDL users, as the packages from CentOS 5.0/5.1 which form the basis of YDL 6.0 are derived from the same version of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution which is in turn based on Fedora Core 6. The software included in YDL 6.0 is thus only a little more recent compared to YDL 5.0, which was based on Fedora Core 5. Terra Soft Solutions has therefore in some instances included packages from more recent version of Fedora.

YDL 6.0 is suitable for PPC systems such as the Playstation 3 (PS3), Apple PowerPC G4 and G5 and IBM System p (JS2x, 510, 520, 540). In addition to GNOME, the resource-saving E17 desktop, which copes better with the PS3's modest consignment of RAM, is also installed. The distributor has also integrated the Cell SDK 3.0 for the PS3 and other systems equipped with Cell processors. Initially the new version of YDL will only be available to paying customers. It should be available to download for free in about a month.

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Learn Foreign Languages with Fuwa!

This free channel will provide tools to acquire basic conversation skills in Mandarin, English, and French and will offer non-Chinese speakers the resources to learn a new Chinese phrase each day. Likewise, Chinese website users will be able to learn simple, useful phrases that might come in handy next summer with visitors from around the world.

05 February 2008

TerraSoft Releases YDL 6.0 for Apple PowerPC, Sony PS3, IBM, more

Terra Soft today released Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 for Sony PS3, Apple G4/G5, and IBM System p. Built upon the CentOS foundation, a popular derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), YDL v6.0 offers enterprise quality for the home user. YDL v6.0 delivers the professional quality of an enterprise level Linux distribution to a just-works desktop experience for both PS3 and Apple PowerPC. Built upon CentOS with select Fedora 7 components, YDL v6.0 integrates the "E17" desktop to provide a lean, uncluttered interface.

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