28 January 2008

Electronic Sheep Conclusion

Last night, I could not sleep well at all. This morning I realized I had plugged in an AirPort extender to test and had forgotten about it. This leads me to believe that it was indeed the electronics being absent that led me to lack of sleep.

27 January 2008

Rewired Sleep

Another night of long, uninterrupted sleep. I think maybe it really is the lack of wired and wireless items that I had in my room that prevented full, relaxed, uninterrupted sleep before this weekend!

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26 January 2008

What a Change!

Yesterday I "unwired" my bedroom a bit more. Having received my free KyLin TV box, (use FAF/promo code: NS8B1C if you sign up for the free box and free 15 day trial) I needed to switch things up, or use a splitter, which is never a good choice.

So now my cable, instead of running in to my bedroom, stays in my living room. There it is connected to my cable modem which connects to my wireless router. The router is connected to my Nuvio VOIP phone, my Sony PlayStation3, and my KyLinTV.

Oddly enough, having moved the VOIP box, the phone, the wireless router, and the cable modem to my living room allowed me to get a much more restful sleep last night. Maybe it is the new lack of electronic signals in the immediate area? Maybe.

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13 January 2008

It is Later than You Think!

While Orthodox Christians associate this quote with Father Seraphim Rose of Saint Herman Monastery in Platina, California, U.S.A., people from China will recognize it as an ancient Chinese proverb.

Perhaps Blessed Seraphim of Platina had picked this up, when he was in his Oriental Mysticism phase as Eugene Rose?

You can see his famous Orthodox Christian teaching of Father Seraphim (Rose) on the icon of him to the right.

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11 January 2008

Exit the Dreaming…

I met one in the Dreaming and soon after met her in the Waking world too.

Another recently left the Dreaming and now she has departed from my Waking world now.

Pray that I not dream of your meeting with Death! :-P

So maybe But as my regular blog readers know, maybe that is okay, as I have already dreamt of my own meeting with Death and lived on in the Dreaming to experience it and its immediate after effects!

While Dream, Desire, Delirium, Destruction, Despair, and Destiny seem Endless-ly linked, Dream and Death are not as closely linked as it has been rumored to be?

08 January 2008

Updating My Weight Tracker

I am not sure how to set a new 2008 goal on these graphs without erasing the other goal, showing that I made my 2007 goal. The 2008 goal is 180 so that I will be 2 pounds under my younger brother's weight. This would be astronomical, as I have never weighed less than my skinny brother in my entire life, since the day he was born. Additionally, this will mean that I have lost over 100 pounds, which seems a rather large number of pounds to lose off of the human muscular-skeletal frame! Although this is my goal for the end of 2008, I am hoping to have lost it by my birthday in June when I turn 35. Tentatively my goal for 2008 would then be to get down to 165 pounds, my college freshman year weight, but we shall see how this year progresses first!

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

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02 January 2008

Enter the Dreaming…

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but ever since I returned from China I have regained my ability to dream and not only that but the ability to remember my dreams. For many, many years now, I rarely dreamed, and when I did, it was rare that I could recall said dreams.

Usually those few recalled dreams were prophecies that ended up coming true, including but not exclusively, all the ROAC schisms during my stay with that group. Scary, I know. My friends and family members have been freaked out about how I have fortold some events that no one saw coming. Some being seemingly completely inconsequential events, others being of extreme importance.

But ever since I returned from China, I have multiple dreams every night and remember them well. This may or may not relate to something that happened recently, as people who know me well know that I have a strong 6th sense and often experience deja vu.

Online, I recently met a lady named WANG Lua. The funny thing is that although I have never met her before, nor even seen her, something about her seemed very familiar. Seriously, I can recall every feature of her face although we have never met…

… at least not in the waking world. But I think I have already met her in some of my dreams — and likely they would be prophecy dreams since I have now met her in the waking world. So maybe these frequent dreams I have been having since my return home are still prophetic dreams, and my dream types have not changed, only the frequency has?

Perhaps the Endless domains of Dream and Destiny and more closely linked than we would like to accept?

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