31 October 2007

3-week vegetarian diet

My original goal was to be down to 199 lbs. by Thanksgiving. I later changed that to the end of the year, giving me a little over a month more to lose the 81+ lbs. that was my goal for this year. Well, in hopes of reaching my original goal of 199 lbs. by Thanksgiving, I decided as of last night to go on a 3-week vegetarian diet. As it works out it will then end the night I fly out of Denver for Las Vegas, then BeiJing, and then ChangSha. (Although I had considered starting KungFu earlier, I have decided to wait until after my trip to China.) I am frustrated being stuck here at around 209 lbs. and want to start losing weight, mass and inches again! I also want to kiss the 200's goodbye for good.

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