03 March 2009

HOW-TO: QQ Codes

I use QQ through Adium on Mac OS X currently and it tells me all the animated gif codes. Just in case you do not know the codes, here are a few:

/zj is a waving goodbye
/bb is a steaming pile of crap
/tx is laughing with the hand in front of the teeth
/dk is crying
/qiang is thumbs up
/ruo is thumbs down
/xs is a breaking heart
/xin is a beating heart
/wen is kissing lips
/aiq is 2 penguins in love
/yb is a hug
/bei is a stiff drink
/xy is rainclouds
/ty is a shining sun
/lh is embarrassment
/mg is a red rose
/lw is a wrapped gift box
/dg is a birthday cake
/fw is a penguin in love

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  1. Thanks for those, Nik. I'm just beginning to use QQ and I'm finding that there is quite a learning curve to it all. I'll be referring to your list often over the next month or so.

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