08 July 2011

Psalm 61/62: Much is missing if your Bible translation is less than perfect!

In the King James (Authorized) Version of the Psalms, you will never catch this, but in Psalm 61 (Psalm 62 by KJV and most modern renumbering schemes) there is definite Trinity allusions. Remember after the Resurrection in the New Testament, Christ Jesus told the Apostles that He would ask the Father to send down the Helper, the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit. Check this out from The Orthodox Psalter (Bold emphasis is mine, italics are from the Psalter to show added words to make the literal translation from the pre-Christian original Greek Septuagint make sense in English):

PSALM 61(62)
For the end, for Idithoum; a psalm by David.
  1. My soul shall be subjected to God, shall it not? For from Him is my salvation.
  2. For indeed He is my God and my savior and my helper; I will in no wise be shaken any longer.
  3. How long do ye attack a man? Ye murder, all of you, as ye might set upon a wall having been inclined to give way and a fence having been pushed back.
  4. In addition, they took counsel with themselves to push aside mine honor; they  ran with a thirst; with their mouth they were blessing, but with their heart they were calling down curses.
  5. However, O my soul, be subject to God, for from Him is my patient endurance.
  6. For He is my God, my savior and my helper; I will in no wise remove from one place to another.
  7. In God is my salvation and my glory; He is the God of my help, and my hope is upon God.
  8. Hope upon Him, all ye congregation of peoples; pour out your hearts before Him, for God is our helper.
  9. Besides, vain are the sons of men, false are the sons of men with balance scales in order to do wrong—they, out of vanity, join together.
  10. Do not place hope upon wrongdoing, and do not set your desire upon booty; if haply wealth flow, cease putting forth your heart upon it.
  11. Once God did speak—these two things did I hear: that soverign power belongeth to God; and mercy is Thine, O Lord. For Thou wilt render to each according to his works.
UPDATE: The Orthodox Psalter has been updated with a revised and expanded edition. Read more about it HERE.

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