20 April 2017

Most Popular Blog Posts, Books, Movies, and Toys of All Time!

I found this kind of interesting. These are the 10 most popular posts on my blog over the last 7 years (The blog is actually 14 years old, but metrics were not recorded all this time)! Orthodox Ecclesiology focused posts are #3, #5, #6, and #10. #1, #2, #4, and #8 are posts about the World. #7 and #9 are posts that I rewrote much better and put on the spin-off blog, Steamies vs. Diesels which reviews Thomas and Friends. And actually, come to think of it, #4 and #8 would better fit on the spun-off blog, How to Get Married in China.... This blog started more Worldly-focused and became more Orthodox Christianity focused over time, so I imagine with time, the rankings of the top posts will change. For instance, this Pascha, #5 just made it on this list, bumping off another popular Orthodox Christian Theological post off the top 10 list.
  1. 44,650 Unique Visitors: Sleeping Positions of Married Couples and What They Mean
  2. 14,294 Unique Visitors: Tattoos
  3. 10,453 Unique Visitors: A Timeline of Church History: Tracing the Birth and Continuity of the Christian Church from Pentecost to the Present
  4. 4,993 Unique Visitors: HOW-TO: Get a QQ Number for English Speakers and Mac Users (Updated!)
  5. 3,912 Unique Visitors: HOW-TO: Make a Traditional Pascha (Easter) Basket and the Meanings of Each Item
  6. 9,910 Unique Visitors: 30 Severely Corrupted Scriptures in the New Living Translation (NLT) Bible
  7. 3,432 Unique Visitors: Thomas the Tank Engine and his Racist Friends, "The Steam Team" Part Two: Day of the Diesels
  8. 2,950 Unique Visitors: New QQ International Version for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  9. 1,723 Unique Visitors: Thomas the Tank Engine and His Racist Friends, "The Steam Team" Part Four: Misty Island Rescue
  10. 1,384 Unique Visitors: My Favorite Orthodox Christian Android Apps (with Links)
What are your top 10 favorite posts on this blog?

Also of interest, the top ten ordered items over the last year via links from my blog to Amazon:
  1. 19 people bought the $44 Transformers Platinum Edition Optimus Primal Figure
  2. 13 people bought the $12 Transformers Generations Titans Return Titan Master Fracas and Deluxe Class Scourge
  3. 10 people bought the $143 Transformers Generations Titans Return Titan Class Fortress Maximus
  4. 9 people bought the $20 Transformers Animated: The Complete Series DVD Box Set and the $90 Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Computron Collection Pack
  5. 8 people bought the $16 Transformers Japanese Collection: Headmasters DVD Box Set
  6. 7 people bought the $1 The Orthodox Church (1963 Version) Paperback Book by Timothy Warethe $16 Transformers Japanese Collection: Super-God Masterforce DVD Box Set, and the $16 Transformers Japanese Collection: Victory DVD Box Set
  7. 6 people bought the $15 American Tall Tales Hardcover Book by Mary Pope Osborne
  8. 5 people bought the $7 Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends/Legion Class Warpath Figurethe $7 Lionel FasTrack Half Straight Track, and the $7 Lionel FasTrack Full Straight Track
  9. 4 people bought the $6 Lionel 1-3/8" Track Section and the $20 Beast Wars Transformers The Complete Series DVD Box Set
  10. 3 people bought the $90 Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Computron Collection Pack
You readers really love your Transformers and Trains

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