25 July 2019

The Corps of Discovery Service Society Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Updated Guidebook, Website, & Flaps

For the 20th anniversary (1999-2019) of the Corps of Discovery (nee Venturing Corps of Discovery) Servant Leadership and Service Society, Dr. Craig Murray and Nik Stanosheck have created a new updated 3rd edition guidebook, refreshed the extant website, and created new limited edition flap badges (flaps)  in 2 different styles (A traditional Venturing and Scouts style flaps and  for the first time ever, a hexagonal Sea Scout and BSA Red Jac-Shirt style flaps) for new and existing members of the Corps of Discovery.

The purpose of the Corps of Discovery (CoD) is to promote a stand alone servant leadership and service program within our home communities and religious institutions that use youth groups, especially Venturing Crews, Sea Scouts Ships, Exploring Posts, and Scout Troops, to enhance their program and dedication to service regardless of the endorsement of any national organization. The mission is to provide servant leadership to youth and adult members of youth groups through leadership training, program development, and service projects.

The CoD is not an honor society so much as it is a unit, district, council, region, and national based co-educational Service Society. To be a member, one must simply be a servant leader willing to commit to doing service, and ask to join the Corps of Discovery. The CoD takes its name and symbolism from Lewis and Clark's historic Voyage of Discovery.

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