10 November 2022

Connecting the Dots & Finding the Hidden Truths Behind Well-Known Stories

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently shattered my ankle, damaging a lot of the soft tissue in my lower leg and foot. I have had home health nurses and physical therapists visiting my home three times a week since then to help me get to the point where I am now walking with a very cool yet functional cane

My physical therapist and I were talking about the stories behind the stories in the Bible, such as how the reason that Jesus used dirt to make the blind man see was because the blind man was born without eyes and Christ was showing us that he was God by making human organs from the dust, like he did when he created Adam in the Garden of Eden on the sixth day. 

He, being unaware of many of these connections, yet fascinated by them, asked for books that would show him more. Thus I suggested the following six books for him: 

  1. The Orthodox New Testament Volume One: The Holy Gospels (Evangelistarion)
  2. The Orthodox New Testament Volume Two: Acts, Epistles, & Revelation (Praxapostolos)
  3. The Orthodox Psalter: The Psalterion According to the Seventy, With the Nine Odes, & Patristic Commentary
  4. The Lives of the Holy Prophets: The Major & Minor Prophets of the Old Testament
  5. The Lives of the Holy Apostles: Saints Peter, Paul, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Jude, Simon, Matthias, Mark, Luke, & James
  6. The Life of the Virgin Mary, The Theotokos
I also pointed to him to the following three blog articles I wrote on this blog:
  1. The Gospel According to Saint John, Chapter Six: A Parallel of the Passover & the Exodus of Israel
  2. The Theophanies of Christ in Both the Old & New Testaments
  3. Types & Anti-Types in the Holy Bible
If you or anyone you know are interested in the connections of the Old Testament to the New Testament, or the stories behind the stories in The Holy Writ, check out these books and articles, which will help you see what previously was unseen to you. 

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