13 November 2003

Round Foreheads

I remember that during the summer after I graduated from high school, my favorite movie was Pump Up the Volume. Of course part of that reason was the beautiful costarring actress, Samantha Mathis. I remember someone once asked me why I found her attractive and it seems to be a reason that hold until this day. She was not only pale (I have always preferred alabaster skin to any sort of tan) but also had a round forehead, which I find appealing. The only think she did not have going for her was platinum blonde hair. (I guess I just do not like pigment in girls, LOL!)

I never cared for flat foreheads and always liked them round. Looking back it was probably from my high school years of dating punk/new wave girls that had various shaved hairstyles and one would see how the forehead matched with the flow of the entire head.

Although it is hard to tell from the pictures below, this gives you an idea of what Samantha Mathis' somewhat round forehead looks like:

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