30 November 2007

Jet Lag

When I flew to China, I arrived tired, and went to sleep early that first night at about 20:30, and awoke at around 3:30 the next morning, but after that I returned to a sleep pattern of going to sleep at 22:30 each night and waking at 6:30 each morning. So jet lag was not too much of an issue although I did get very sleepy every afternoon at 16:30 for some reason. But on my return home to America, I find myself unable to go to sleep before midnight and so tired in the afternoon that I must simply nap for a few hours and wake up feeling like crap! This jet lag sucks!

So tomorrow, I am going to awake at 6:30 in the morning, take my daughter to school, go to my restaurant for some breakfast, and spend much of the day walking, in hopes that it will keep me awake and allow me to get plenty of sleep tomorrow ^later tonight. I have to be at work early this Saturday morning, so I need my regular sleeping pattern stat!

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