20 November 2007

Thanksgiving in China

Thanksgiving is an American holiday. How can it be connected in any tangible way to people living on the opposite side of the world, in abject poverty, groveling under the tyranny of Communism? And yet I think that the kernel of this story, the very heart and meaning of it, comes clearly into view when we compare China with America at Thanksgiving.

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  1. Nee Hao!!! I've just readen some articles of your blog. I think they are nice!!! I'm an spanish girl and I love chinese culture. How come did you learn chinese? It's so difficult!!! I hope you become famous, ahhaha. See ya.

  2. Thanks Heidi! (I love that name!) I have only learned a little Chinese, mostly by using PodCasts though iTunes.Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Hope you get a chance to go to FaceBook and see the pictures from my trip!


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