02 January 2008

Enter the Dreaming…

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but ever since I returned from China I have regained my ability to dream and not only that but the ability to remember my dreams. For many, many years now, I rarely dreamed, and when I did, it was rare that I could recall said dreams.

Usually those few recalled dreams were prophecies that ended up coming true, including but not exclusively, all the ROAC schisms during my stay with that group. Scary, I know. My friends and family members have been freaked out about how I have fortold some events that no one saw coming. Some being seemingly completely inconsequential events, others being of extreme importance.

But ever since I returned from China, I have multiple dreams every night and remember them well. This may or may not relate to something that happened recently, as people who know me well know that I have a strong 6th sense and often experience deja vu.

Online, I recently met a lady named WANG Lua. The funny thing is that although I have never met her before, nor even seen her, something about her seemed very familiar. Seriously, I can recall every feature of her face although we have never met…

… at least not in the waking world. But I think I have already met her in some of my dreams — and likely they would be prophecy dreams since I have now met her in the waking world. So maybe these frequent dreams I have been having since my return home are still prophetic dreams, and my dream types have not changed, only the frequency has?

Perhaps the Endless domains of Dream and Destiny and more closely linked than we would like to accept?

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