08 January 2008

Updating My Weight Tracker

I am not sure how to set a new 2008 goal on these graphs without erasing the other goal, showing that I made my 2007 goal. The 2008 goal is 180 so that I will be 2 pounds under my younger brother's weight. This would be astronomical, as I have never weighed less than my skinny brother in my entire life, since the day he was born. Additionally, this will mean that I have lost over 100 pounds, which seems a rather large number of pounds to lose off of the human muscular-skeletal frame! Although this is my goal for the end of 2008, I am hoping to have lost it by my birthday in June when I turn 35. Tentatively my goal for 2008 would then be to get down to 165 pounds, my college freshman year weight, but we shall see how this year progresses first!

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

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