04 June 2008

FFF: Fruit, Fiber, and Fish FTW!

One thing I have not been good on during this change of lifestyle is taking in enough fruit. Well the last 2 weeks I have been getting better at that and am getting all my protein from beans, legumes, and fish. Also I have been upping my fiber intake along with this protein from beans regiment.

This, along with swimming in my now-opened swimming pool, working out every other day, and adding volleyball to my exercise regime has made for some serious weight loss over the last two weeks.

According to my scale this morning, I am now at 181 pounds/82.1 kilograms, which is exactly 100 pounds/45.4 kilograms under my weight when taken by a health professional on 11 November 2006!

100 pounds/45.4 kilograms in less than 20 months is not too bad, I think! :-) This is a very exciting day for me! Of course the weight is not the only thing I have lost. I have also lost 12 inches/30.5 centimeters from my waist measurement and dropped my BPI by almost 15% too! All of that along with a very noticeable increase in muscle density is very good for my long term health. And my now-more defined jawline definitely makes me feel better about my appearance.

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