06 January 2009

HOW-TO: Call to China or from China to your home country on your mobile phone for free!

As you probably know, to call China, usually you need to dial the International access code of 001 in America followed by the country code of +86 then your friend's full phone number. But this is a very expensive call. Usually $2.00 a minute or more from your mobile phone!

But there is a way to make it cost very little or even free! No computers, downloads, or phone cards necessary. Just dial and talk internationally and pay local rates! How does it work? You give RebTel the phone number of someone you call in China or any other country, and RebTel give you a local number for them. Save this number on your mobile so you can call your friend whenever you want at the local rate. And the best thing is this: It will appear that your call is from a local number and your friend can call that number back to reach you for free!

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This will also be a very convenient and inexpensive way for my wife to call her family in China once she is living in America!

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