28 February 2010

A Recent Email to a Friend

Recently a friend was asking how to find Bible verses that are related, and if I knew of any Bibles that would help in this. This was my reply to him:

This is my favorite 2 Part New Testament Bible that is Annotated:
These are some good additions to the New Testament above, as it ties the Old Testament in to the New even more, although these books are heavy reading. Likely one cannot read more than a chapter at a time of these. I own all of these and love them all very much, although occasionally the publisher is polemical in their writings, but this can be chosen to be ignored for the greater enjoyment and education of the reader:
Though I have also occasionally heard some somewhat good things about this cheaper, annotated Bible too. However, I do not own it and cannot tell you anything about it from a first hand experience:
Here are the individual books on each of the Gospels that is over 1100 years old, translated in to every day English. I highly recommend that you buy the hardcover versions, as they will stand up to a lot of usage, and in most cases cost the same as the paperback versions!

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