06 February 2010

Shen Yun Performing Arts Family Review

So last night we went to see the show since we were comped 3 tickets. The costumes, the interactive backdrop, and much of the dancing was beautiful, so overall I liked it.

My wife did not. She said classical Chinese dance shows in China were much much better, especially in Changsha. My daughter quasi-agreed, saying that this is probably the best you can get in America, but that the Miao people's show in old Feng Huang Chen in Hunan Province, China was much better. She was disappointed that the M.C. said that you could not see a show like this in China. But, the M.C. was right, because this show was promoting Falun Gong/Falun Dafa.

Although it is definitely talking about the teachings of Falun Dafa about half of the performances, the other half is historical dances and stories. Some sites have complained about this evangelism, and anti-PRC polemics such as the liberal, secular Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the anti-Falun Gong site, Facts.org.cn. That said, was surprised that after the show there was no handing out of leaflets about Falun Gong, free copies of the Epoch Times, or any other thing. It was more like they were telling us about their faith and not trying to recruit us.

With the program guides, there was a comment sheet to fill out. I voted the performance a Very good, my daughter called it good, and my wife called it poor. There were a lot of Chinese people there, not just Falun Gng memas well as Americans of all types of backgrounds. Most people dressed up nice, as if going to a ballet or theatrical performance. New Tang Dynasty Television in Dallas was there doing interviews with performers and people who loved the show.

Anyway, if you have never been to China, I think you will like this show, so if you are interested, you can see when they will near your city at the Shen Yun Performing Arts Website and see a preview at the Sound of Hope Network.


  1. Hey Nik, you are aware that most of the links there are Falun Gong-sponsored, right (outside the ajc and the Chinese anti-FG site)?

  2. Yup, I a quite aware of having both pro- (sponsored) and anti- links.

  3. Hi Nik,

    I was searching for some objective reviews for this show since I have been kind of "forced" to watch it in Cardiff only the day before yesterday. And very glad to read your blog.

    As a western grown up Chinese, I am kind of out of touch of what is going on here and started googleing the key phrase - FaLun Gong. And to my surprise that either I see completely negative or completely positive. Am I crazy, or the whole world is mad?

  4. Ducks, the whole world may be mad, as you wither love or hate Falun Gong. Well, you love Falun Gong if you are in it, and if you are not in it and read about it, you may hate it. LOL! Anyway, it definitely is a cult, but whether it does good or bad is up to the individual to decide. :-)

  5. Hi Nik, Falun Gong is not a cult if cult is a negative word. Shen Yun is not an evangelist of Falun Gong either although the songs and dances contain some elements. Shen Yun is just telling the stories happening. I am from China. I love Shen Yun. It makes Chinese culture very proud of. A priest in Kentucky said he will tell his church people Shen Yun is a must watch before death. A Chinese priest (Christian) also said she loves it.


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