10 April 2010

An Interesting Week

My mother came to Texas for Easter and for the first ultrasound for my pregnant wife, YanFei. It was an opportunity for them to bond even closer, and to find out the sex of my second child.
So it appears we will be having a Daniel (a boy). The Chinese middle name is as of yet undecided, although I am pushing for Bei (备), in honor of the great Liu Bei, one of my wife's ancestors.

At Pascha services, my daughter sang her heart out, loudly and beautifully, which was very nice to see. She felt the entire congregation should be singing and they were not, so she would make up for all these non-singers.

And on Anti-Pascha, my wife will be baptized for the very first time. Hence my prior mentioning that Santa Fe is Spanish for Saint Faith.

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  1. Congratulations again Nik! It seems all is going very well. I am so glad. Christos Voskrese! My continued prayers and I look forward to pics from Fei's baptism. :) God grant her, and your entire family, many many years!


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