26 September 2010


When my daughter was a baby her theme was white furniture and Disney Babies (Especially Baby Mickey and Baby Minnie) bedding, toys, etc. The colors in that theme were pastel, and that was her room's theme when she got her own as well.

Over 17 years later, with the birth of my son, things have changed. The furniture is espresso (a very dark cherry) the color themes are brown and green, and the character theme is Winnie the Pooh and Friends. Not just the Baby Pooh of Huggies Little Snugglers but both Classic Pooh and regular Winnie the Pooh

As far as Pooh goes, there are so many versions. The Classic Pooh is loved as the original, and the Disney version is good too, although sometimes I think they make the contrast to high. When they make the characters more pastel, I think they look better. And without a doubt, Disney made a mistake by changing Piglet's onesie from green to pink IMO.

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