10 September 2011

600th Post: Remembering 9-11-01 on 9-11-11

This is this blog's 600th post. I have been thinking how I wanted to make a great 600th post, but I cannot think of one. I have a few things I want to blog, but nothing groundbreaking. So I will talk about what I was dong 10 years ago on 9-11-01. I was taking my daughter to Saint Joseph Catholic School in Ansonia, CT. I had thought about going in to New York City to talk to one of the Legion of Christ's Apostolates to design a web site for them. However, I decided to wait. On the way in, I was listening to, I believe, WABC in NYC and the traffic helicopter guy was giving updates just as the first plane hit. He thought it was a Cessna or some other small plane, and it was assumed to be an accident. After I dropped off my daughter,on my way home, they reported live as the second plane hit the second World Trade enter tower. We all knew America was under attack. I went home to the hotel I was staying in between the end of our apartment lease in Hamden and the duplex we would rent in Ansonia. I decided to work from home and watched it all unfold. I remember many false rumors or bombs going off in NYC and Washington D.C. that made it all the scarier. I watched in my room for a while and then went to the lobby, where one of the other guests said the people like the management of the hotel would feel the heat from this. They were Indian or Pakistani. I hoped he was wrong, that rampant acts of racism and religionism would not be prevalent in America after this attack. My current wife, then in China, did not realize how huge this was until she got here. She thought making the emergency number, "911" into something that was related to our nation's largest terrorist attack was horrible mental terrorism. While it was a horrible attack, the conspiracy film, Loose Change does give a lot of food for thought. I think everyone should view it.

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