12 June 2012

My 2 New Facebook Groups

I believe passionately in these two items, so I made groups and I am finding others worldwide who also care about these important issues. The first is:

End Phyletism: Attend the closest Orthodox Church

The description is at follows:
Don't choose which Orthodox Church you go to because of ethnicity. End Phyletism locally by just attending the closest church!

Next is:
Standardize Orthodox Liturgical English

The description of this group is as follows:
Sometimes, different jurisdictions translate the same prayers in very different ways. Sometimes the same jurisdiction, in the same service will have multiple translations of the same prayer because different books are used. It is time for all English-using Orthodox jurisdictions to come together and create standardized translations for every service and prayer.
If you feel passionately about these groups, come join and be part of the movement to fix these problems  today!

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