15 February 2019

Let's Go Sailing!

Recently I got a Co-Operative Game from Family Pastimes called "Let's Go Sailing!". It looked interesting, so we played it and I was surprised just how much everyone loved playing the game. It took a lot of cooperation and planning to win, but a lot of luck is involved too! It is meant for 1-6 players, aged 6-Adult.

Here is how Family Pastimes describes their game:
"You are a sailing crew taking your Sailboat from Home Dock to the Island Port. When you get safely there, celebrate a great day of sailing by breaking out rations of milk and cookies. Then it’s hoist anchor and set sail for home again. 
Sailing is a challenge, demanding the best effort from everyone on the crew. Everyone’s contribution is valued.

Each of us has a supply of Action Cards that we share with each other. We use them to advance the boat, negotiate Strong Currents and High Winds, while trying to avoid Rocks and Reefs. In each game, the location of the Reefs is different.

We must keep a Seadog’s eye out for potential Breakdowns that could ground us. Save the Coast Guard cards in case we need to be rescued. Or else we could end up being adrift at sea!"
Sounds fun right? Well it is! It even won Dr. Toy's Game of the Year Award! This game is perfect for a family, a Sea Scout Ship, a Boy Scout Patrol, a Maritime Exploring Club, a Venturing Crew, or even a Cub Scout Den.

Family Pastimes also has many more co-operative games about Deep Sea Scuba Diving, Exploring, Search & Rescue, Hiking, Mountaineering, Weather, Birding, etc. I'll probably be checking out at least a few if them. Most of their games can be found HERE.

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