04 September 2008


I always liked the idea of soul mates, but I am not sure I believed in them thoroughly. That is, until I met my wife. As I have said before, she and I connect and are compatible on not only level I would want in a mate, but we connect on other levels I never expected or realized it was able to connect on. We are a perfect fit, like 2 puzzle pieces that were made to be together. And it is not just me who notices. Her family and my family have noticed how happy we make one another and others have even seen it in pictures. I have to wonder how rare it is that someone would not only have but meet and actually marry their soulmate? I do not know, but I consider myself the luckiest man int he world to have someone who loves me unlike I have ever been loved and someone who I love unlike I have ever loved anyone before. I truly am happy and satisfied with life when she is with me. If she were to die before me, I am sure that like many truly in-love elderly couples who experience this, I would die of a lonely heart and my prime desire to be with her,

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