02 October 2008

Buy my wedding album!

Through the magic on the Interwebs and QOOP, everyone can buy our wedding album for the low, low price of only $49.99 here. You can also see the first 15 pages there as well. This is cheaper than purchasing one in China and shipping it over to America via FedEx.

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  1. Why would anyone, other than perhaps your relatives, want to buy your wedding album ? Seems rather narcissistic trying to peddle this online. BTW, those photo's of yours dressed as the Holy Family are rather pretentiously blasphemous don't you think ?

  2. Thank you for your judgement. It was for my family, who were having issues with the mailed link, so I blogged it so they could follow the link properly. As far as the Holy Family, we never were dressed as them, once upon a time we dressed as shepherds at a Christmas event for my niece, but I was not aware that was in the album.


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