26 March 2011

Update on Deaths, Orthodox Churches Destroyed in the Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami

Bishop Seraphim of Sendai has released more information about the effects of the earthquake and tsunami on the Orthodox Churches of the Western Diocese. From the information available now, five Orthodox Christians have reposed and four are missing, though not all parish members have been contacted. In addition to the Church of the Annunciation in Yamada which was destroyed, two more parishes – St. John’s in Kannari and Holy Transfiguration in Sunuma suffered serious damage and may be unusable.

St. John the Theologian Church and Ishinomaki Parish
-The church and the priest’s residence were not flooded much. Cleaning and minor repair are necessary.
-Reposed; Nikanol Komi Tsutom
-Missing person; , Andrei Yonesato Kimiyoshi and Feodosii Yonesato Hajime
-some families stay at the shelter

Prophet Isaiah Chapel and Wakuya Parish
-Reposed; Sophia Nakagawa Tsuneko
-Missing person; Moisei Nakagawa Iyoji

Holy Ascension Church and Sakari Parish in Ofunato
-Reposed; Lyubov Ise Mie, Petr Ise Daigi, Martha Ise Ai

Holy Annunciation Church and Yamada Parish
-missing person;one

St. John the Apostle Church and Kannari Parish
-According to the investigation of Kurihara city, stones of the basement were subsided, regarded in danger to collapse.

Holy Transfiguration Chapel and Sanuma Parish
-Some parishioners house and stores were damaged much, regarded as dangerous
-Chapel, probably in danger.

Holy Resurrection Chapel and Kesennuma Parish
-Chapel and meeting room survived
-Two family of parishioners are safe. But their houses were damaged immensely. They now stay at the shelter but will soon move to the meeting room of chapel.

Holy Transfiguration Chapel and Tkashimizu Parish
-The roof of the chapel was damaged. Parishioners are safe.

Please add the names of the reposed and missing persons in your prayer.

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