09 January 2013

Western Orthodox Church Father, Saint Colum Cille (Columba/Columbanos) on the Toll-Houses

Saint Columba, the founder of the island monastery of Iona in Scotland (†597), many times in his life saw the battle of the demons in the air for the souls of the newly departed. Saint Adamnan (†704) relates these in his Life of the Saint; here is one incident:
Saint Columba called together his monks one day, telling them: "Now let us help by prayer the monks of the Abbot Comgell, drowning at this hour in the Lough of the Calf; for behold, at this moment they are warring in the air against hostile powers who try to snatch away the soul of a stranger who is drowning with them." Then, after prayer, he said: "Give thanks to Christ, for now the holy angels have met these holy souls, and have delivered that stranger and triumphantly rescued him from the warring demons."
From Saint Adamnan's "The Life Of Saint Columba" Part 3, Chapter 13, Page 207

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