20 January 2019

The 13 Most Popular Posts of 2018 and All Time

The Orthodox Scouter's first post of 2019 isn't even about 2019, it is all about 2018! The top 13 viewed posts on this blog in 2018 were not all from 2018, so here are 2018's 2 most popular posts authored in 2018, 2018's 7 most popular viewed posts from years previous to 2018, and the 4 most popular posts of all time that are not listed in the lists prior to it. Read them all and let us know what your 13 favorite posts from this blog are.

2018's Top Viewed Posts Authored in 2018

  1. Saint George the Trophy-Bearer Patch
  2. DESMOS: International Link of Orthodox Christian Scouts

2018's Top Viewed Posts NOT Authored in 2018

  1. Updated "Duty to God" Faith Requirements for Cub Scouts
  2. HOW-TO: Traditional Orthodox Pascha (Easter) Basket
  3. HOW-TO: Find Orthodox Christian Camps for Summer and Winter in America
  4. The Scout Oath and the Holy Bible
  5. The Scout Law and God's Laws
  6. Conservation of the God-Created Environment in the Holy Bible
  7. The Gospel According to Saint John, Chapter 6: A Parallel of the Passover and the Exodus of Israel

All Time Top Viewed Posts (Not Listed Above)

  1. Sleeping Positions of Married Couples and What They Mean
  2. Tattoos
  3. A Timeline of Church History: Tracing the birth and continuity of the Christian Church from Pentecost to the present.
  4. 30 Severely Corrupted Scriptures in the New Living Translation (NLT) Bible

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