08 August 2003


I am just going to vent. Please bear with me.


My mom just met with my ex-wife and picked up my daughter and it seems she slept the whole car trip from Colorado to Nebraska because my daughter has been sleeping days and staying up all night. So now I have to get her sleeping schedule back to normal for the sake of my work and her upcoming return to school. >:-(

Not only that, but for the 4th week in a row, they missed Liturgy. This time because "Their cat was going to have babies." Umm hello? Cats are animals, they do NOT need human help unless it is a vet. and there are 2 other adults living in the house along with another one visiting — none of which were going to Liturgy. (The visiting adult goes to Sunday atheist meetings where they talk about the Bible and God. LOL!)

Before that it was "We forgot", "Sunday morning we realized there were no dresses in her suitcase and no stores were open" (There were 2 packed) and then "We got lost just down the road from the Church". I wonder how she manages to get to work every day if she cannot get to Church once in 4 weeks! ;-)

I would love to go off on how my ex-wife works for a smut shop, and how wants to indoctrinate my daughter with liberalism and evolution, how her other daughter (NOT MINE!) at age 6 sneaks out in the middle of the night, their phones keep getting cut off, while their DVD and Playstation game collection keeps growing, etc. but I will not today. Neither will I go on about how my daughter maybe gets a call around her birthday, but otherwise until just before summer Sonya does not call to talk to her, write her or anything. :-P

Please pray for my daughter, Anastasia.

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