15 August 2003

How sickening! >:-(

Marriott victimizes young girl and boy
"We were all enjoying the film when about an hour into it, the screen instantly changed to hard-core pornography."
- Marriott guest, mother of young children
To make matters worse, the hotel manager refused to speak directly to the parents about the incident because he was busy and could "not be disturbed." He made a desk clerk deal with the problem, even though the parents tried several times to speak with the manager.

Is this an isolated incident? Perhaps. But the real problem lies in Marriott's corporate policy. The Marriott Hotel chain claims to be "committed to traditional family values," yet most of the corporately owned and franchised Marriotts sell "hardcore pornography" on televisions in rooms.

If you would like to write Mariot about this, you can right here.

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