22 August 2003

Oops! There will be entries after all! :-o

Well we should have been at Lake Compounce all day today, but the over 90 degree, super humid, cloudy, foggy weather turned into severe thunderstorms by the time we got near the Lake. So as a consolation we went to Toys 'R' Us and spent a few hours looking at... well, toys! At the end of the day, I let Anastasia get one thing and convinced her that Parcheesi: The Classic Game of India would be a good choice. Fun game! :-D

Since we missed out on going to Lake Compounce's last open weekday, (and I never go to amusement parks on weekends in the summer, too much people traffic!) we are instead going to go to Quassy on Monday, God willing and weather permitting. We have been to Lake Compounce and Six Flags New England before, but never Quassy, so maybe this will be a better choice anyway!

Thank goodness Anastasia's school does not start until Wednesday, as I think the park will not be busy since many start school on Monday instead!

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