03 May 2007

Good Dog!

Well I am posting from Yellow Dog Linux 5.0.1 on my Apple PowerBook and I am quite impressed. YDL 3.0 was excellent and I still have it on my 180MHz Apple 3400c PowerBook, and 4.0 that I had on my G4 iBook was not as good IMO, which caused me to switch to Ubuntu for a while (before they cancelled their PPC versions), but 4.1 brought me back to the Yellow Dog. 5.0.1 seems to be another winner. Of course with every first install of Linux or any operating system, you run in to some problems, but these are minor irritations and will be fixed in time. I am excited over the fact that the open-source driver for the graphics is much better than the excellent one included in Apple's Mac OS X Tiger! The colors are more vibrant and web sites look much better (other than ones created by "web masters" that have no idea what they are doing!) too! Like the drivers, I am very impressed with the Enlightenment E17 Desktop Manager, and so far am enjoying it a lot. Well back to my configs!

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