20 May 2007

My Icon Corners

Here are my 4 icon corners:

My family icon corner where we do Reader's Services. At the top is a hand painted cross, below that is our Slava icon, and the name of our former chapel, The Royal Martyrs; under that are icons of Christ the Pantocrator and the Theotokos by Mother Anastasia. On the sides are icons of our patron saints, Saint Anastasia the Great-Martyr and Saint Nicholas of Japan and an Icon of Saint Stephen the Protomartyr (who I feel close to because he was also one of the first deacons along with Saint Timothy) and The Hospitality of Abraham and Sarah. At the bottom with no home is the Menaion icon with an icon for every day and for all of the Great Feasts.

My living room icon corner made up of only hand painted icons. From left to right they are: Saint Nicholas of Myra in Lycia, a gift from Metropolitan VALENTINE and painted by a monk in Suzdal; Saint Euphrosynos by the hand of Mother Anastasia; Christ the Saviour, unknown iconographer; Tsar Martyr Nicholas Romanov by the hands of Archbishop GREGORY of and Archimandrite George of Dormition Skete. Under it is a hand sewn picture of the Church on the Blood and a cabinet bull of liturgical supplies which is on a book case of Orthodox books.

My personal icon corner, top to bottom, left to right: All Saints of America, Tsar Martyr Nicholas with icons of Saint Nicholas of Myra and Saint Seraphim of Sarov around him; The Theotokos; a Russian blessing cross; Christ the King, a gift from Juvenaly Martinka when I was ordained; Saint Nicholas of Myra in Lycia with icons of the Pantocrator and Theotokos, a gift from Vicar Bishop ANDREI; Christ blessing the children.

My daughter's personal icon corner. In the middle downward, in a Russian fashion: Her Guardian Angel; Christ the Pantocrator; Theotokos Sweet Kissing; her patron saint, Saint Anastasia the Great-Martyr; On the cross beam are: Saint Xenia who may get moved to my family icon corner after she helped me get this job; The Saints of Moscow; The Royal Martyrs; Saint Thecla, a gift to her from Justin and Mary Cecilia Kissel when we were Baptized.

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