02 May 2007

Terra Soft Solutions Are Good People

This Too Was Dugg... is supposed to be my blog with Yellow Dog Linux stories, but 2 days in a row that is what this blog is all about! And for the 2 days before that this blog was all about sane Orthodox Ecclesiology. Go figure.

Anyway today I traveled to Loveland, Colorado to visit the folks at Terra Soft Solutions. I met Kai Staats, the CEO and some of the ladies at work in the warehouse and picked up a DVD of Yellow Dog Linux 5.0.1. since I could not get a good download of the freely available ISOs. These people are just as great as their product and it was nice to meet them.

So tomorrow I should be all upgraded and blogging from Yellow Dog Linux 5.0.1 on my Apple Macintosh 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4 15" PowerBook. And thankfully due to MOL: Mac-on-Linux I can access my Mac OS X 10.4.9 partition without having to boot back in to Mac OS X.

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