01 May 2007

HOW-TO: PS3 Wifi on YDL.net Enhanced HowTo

1. Update the firmware on your PS3
This can be achieved from GameOS with the Software Update function
in settings.

2. Download the new PS3 wifi enabled kernel:
URL: http://ydl.net/enhanced/updates/yellowdog-5.0/RPMS/kernel-ps3-2.6.16-20070425.ydl.3.ppc64.rpm

3. Install the new kernel
rpm -ivh /path/to/kernel-ps3-2.6.16-20070425.ydl.3.ppc64.rpm

4. Edit /etc/kboot.conf
Take your default kernel line, and make a copy of it and then modify
the original line to point to the new kernel.

For example, if your default kernel line is:
ydl='/dev/sda1:/vmlinux-2.6.16-20061110.ydl.2ps3 initrd=/dev/sda1:/initrd-2.6.16-20061110.ydl.2ps3.img root=/dev/sda2 video=ps3fb:mode:3 rhgb'

The new section would like this:
ydl='/dev/sda1:/vmlinux-2.6.16-20070425.ydl.3ps3 initrd=/dev/sda1:/initrd-2.6.16-20070425.ydl.3ps3.img root=/dev/sda2 init=/sbin/init video=ps3fb:mode:3 rhgb'
oldydl='/dev/sda1:/vmlinux-2.6.16-20061110.ydl.2ps3 initrd=/dev/sda1:/initrd-2.6.16-20061110.ydl.2ps3.img root=/dev/sda2 video=ps3fb:mode:3 rhgb'

Where oldydl is your original kernel.

5. Reboot

6. Configuring Wireless
a) Unplug the ethernet cable, eth0 is both the wired and wireless
Ethernet port on PS3s.
b) Launch system-config-network (Network in the Settings menu)
c) Delete the eth0 (gelic_net) interface.
d) Create a Wireless connection.
e) You may now configure that wireless connection as you would with
other YDL versions. One note here that confused me when I did this
was that the ESSID specified as "Auto", when I actually needed to
remove that and select the Auto radio button.
f) You can now activate the interface.

7. Enjoy your new wireless enabled PS3.

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