28 January 2010

D.J. Lizard's Dial-A-Fix: How to fix Windows Installer's Death

I had to deal with being unable to install, upgrade or uninstall software this month because Windows' Installer decided to fail. I tried all of Microsoft's self-fix options from the XP web site I could do to no avail. But then I asked for tech support from Microsoft China's Kane Yu about an automatic update failing, and he helped me find some freeware that fixes this problems and others for free. So just in case you even have Microsoft Windows Installer fail for you, I am including a VERY helpful link to D.J.Lizard's Dial-A-Fix: 

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  1. Hi,

    Please link directly to the website rather than the file, in case something goes wrong with it, and also so people can read the help site.


    - DjLizard


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