13 January 2010

Dream Teams: JSA, JLA, Titans, YJA

Much is said about the Big-7 concept of the JLA, where the biggest 8 heroes of the DCU (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter) come together to form the ultimate team. I enjoy the concept, but I also loved Extreme Justice and the JLI (Justice League International) which had a few big-hitters and a number of 2nd and 3rd string heroes that made a great team.

But my dream team of the Justice League of America (Late 30's to Early 40's super-heroes) in the DC Universe is a little different. I would have them written by Peter David drawn by Ed McGuiness.
  1. Martian Manhunter: J'onn J'onzz is the heart and soul of every line-up of the JLA.
  2. Guy Gardner: Whether as Warrior, A Green or Red Lantern, or a Sinesto Corps ring-holder, he is my favorite GL as long as he is portayed as a strong, manly, hero.
  3. Firestorm: The Elemental Man made of Prof. Stein and Ronnie Raymond is a great confused hero.
  4. The Atom: You can always use a shrinking hero.
  5. Steel: John Henry Irons is an expert at building whatever you need, and a strong, black hero in his own right.
  6. Black Canary: I am not putting Green Arrow on the team, but his wife definitely deserves a spot here.
  7. Captain Marvel:  With one word, "SHAZAM!", Billy Batson becomes the World's Mightiest Mortal! (Although if I could change continuity, I would make him be part of the 1940's JSA instead. His character truly belongs in that time period)
  8. Red Star: The redeemed enemy & graduated Titan
  9. Wonder Woman: Diana should lead the JLA IMO.
As great as the JLA is, the penultimate super-hero team is the JSA: The Justice Society of America. My dream team for them would be a team operating in the 1940's. Today, outside a few exceptions like Alan Scott, they should all be retired. This series should be written by John Byrne and drawn by Chris Batista.
  1. Sentinel: The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, should lead this team, but I like the Sentinel name best.
  2. The Flash: Jay Garrick, the original Flash was great then, but now should have passed his uniform down to Wally West.
  3. Hourman: An original, classic costume.
  4. Dr. Mid-Nite: Another original, classic costume.
  5. The Sandman: Wesley Dodds' costume with the gas mask is great!
  6. Dr. Fate: One of the greatest costumes of all time.
  7. Hawkman: A must for the JSA, and another Egyptian tie-in like Dr. Fate.
  8. Hippolyta: Wonder Woman's mom who became Wonder Woman and traveled back in to the past in a great costume.
  9. Liberty Belle: The original strong woman who reined in Johnny Quick. Wonder Woman cannot be the only woman in the Society!
Now that I have chosen for the first 2 generations of the DCU, what about the next 2 generations?  First the Titans, starting with the classic five, written by Kieth Giffen and drawn by Tom Grummett. Oddly enough, I choose a majority female team here.:
  1. Nightwing: The former-Robin is naturally the leader of the team.
  2. Arsenal: I like his Indian costume Devin Grayson gave him.
  3. Troia or whatever Donna Troy is calling herself today.
  4. Flash (Wally West wearing the now-retired Jay Garrick's old costume)
  5. Tempest: Formerly Aqualad, now is imbued with magical powers.
  6. Jade: Alan Scott's daughter, I always felt she would fit right in on this team.
  7. Bumble Bee: Adding a little more diversity with her Afro-Puffs.
  8. Terra: Make the original Terra be back permanently and put her where she belongs. 
  9. Mary Marvel: I really had to debate whether she should go here or with the YJA.
How about the youngest generation? Young Justice of America could be the name, with the following teens and young 20-somethings, written by Ron Marz and drawn by Todd Nauck.
  1. Superboy: Leader of the team, representing the Superman (El) family on one of the 4 teams.
  2. Batgirl: Her instead of Robin, which creates a love triangle between her and Superboy and Wondergirl.
  3. Wonder Girl: The heart and soul of the youth teams.
  4. Impulse/Kid Flash: Adds a bit om funny and excitement.
  5. Damage: A great hero who would fit perfectly on this team, but with his second costume.
  6. The Ray: Was a good mix with Damage and Impulse before.
  7. Static: Long wanted teammate for these heroes. Has a past with Superboy.
  8. Lagoon Boy: Adding fun with a capital 'F'.
  9. Arrowette: Needs to be unretired and her parentage from Green Arrow clarified.

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