10 April 2012

My Favorite Orthodox Christian Android Apps (with links)

I have searched high and low for the best Eastern Orthodox Christian Apps on the Google Play Store for Android Phone and after using them since last year on my T-Mobile HTC Glacier/MyTouch 4G, this is my list in alphabetical order. All are free or have free versions, but I prefer the paid versions, where applicable, as they have more features and support these great Orthodox Christian App Developers:
  • Daily Readings by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: The easiest way to access the day's Scripture readings prescribed by the Lectionary of the Greek Orthodox Church.
  • Orthodox Calendar by EIR3 Apps: Does not require internet connection, so it will display the feast, or the saint of the day, even if you are on Sinai or Mount Athos. Available in Greek, Russian and English language versions plus Old and New Calendar Synaxarion versions.
  • Orthodox Pray Daily by the Province of Saint Flannan: Intended for the busy and hurried Orthodox faithful to use as a daily office for prayerful living. Contains prayers for the morning, evening, mealtime, hourly, needs, and selected Psalms.
  • Thoughts by Saint Theophan the Recluse by EIR3 Apps: Thoughts for each day of the year according to the daily reading of the Word of God, by St Theophan the Recluse.
†Has highly-recommended widget capabilities.


  1. The St. Theophane app will not install on my Android Devices (version 2.2 cell and ICS Tablet. The rest are excellent.

  2. Do these work on Kindle?

    Signed ignorant Fr. Stephen

  3. Fathers, Bless!

    I would think they should work on Kindle Fire. Not sure why it does not work for you Father Gregory, but write the developer. They are very quick to respond.

  4. Fathers, any luck now? All have been updated recently save for "Pray Daily".


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