09 September 2003

Car Accident Injury Updates! :-(

Here is a quick update, as sitting for more than a few minutes hurts my back. I was waiting to merge on to Route 15 when I was hit from behind. The estimate of a few people is around $6-7,000 of damage to the car. My attorney will be getting the insurance company to do a proper estimate at the body shop with folks he trusts. There is a slight chance that they will total it out because of the frame damage in addition to the rear quarter panels, bumper and trunk needing replaced. :-o

The doctor gave me Naproxen to stop the inflammation and help the pain. He said that although I am in pain and stiff today, tomorrow will be much, much worse. Not fun! :-(

For the next 2 days I am supposed to lay around sleeping as much as possible and ice my back and neck. I also have therapy with a chiropractor/therapist every day of this week. My medicine will make me sleepy and maybe dizzy so I have to take it with food and cannot drive after taking it, so I will be taking it after I take Anastasia to school, after I pick her up and before bed, as I have to take it thrice a day. :-/

Like I said, I am supposed to ice it for the next few days. When muscle spasms come after that I am supposed to use heat. All in all kind of a bummer of a day, but at least the injuries were not to severe! They could have been worse. :-)

I will try to check online every now and then, but as I said, sitting hurts, so I would like to ask all of your prayers please.

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